In the summer of 1984, JASPER VAN'T HOF - one of the best-known and dynamic pianists and keyboarders of European jazz - burst onto the club scene with the primal force of "Pili Pili" - a 15-minute trance recorded with the percussion formation Isaac Tagul Group of Guinea. Over 100,000 recordings of the piece were sold; the group took on the name of its title piece and became a hit band, especially in the club and disco scene.
PILI-PILI's second CD HOOMBA HOOMBA lay the foundation for the career of VAN'T HOFS discovery Angelique Kidjo, the celebrated lead singer of PILI-PILI's next five albums and tours.
Annual tours and festival appearances, e. g. at the Jazz Festival of Montreux, fortified the group's reputation, particularly as an excellent live band.
In the years to follow, such well-known artists as Philippe Allaert (the producer of Vaya Con Dios, among other things), Nicolas Fiszman (Victor Lazlo), Marlon Klein (Dissidenten), Annie Whitehead (Pinguin Cafe Orchestra) and many other African and European musicians belonged to the PILI-PILI ensemble, both in the studio and in concert.

JASPER VAN'T HOF discovered his love for African music on a tour of Central Africa in 1982-83. Since then he has been drawn back to the black continent again and again. He was the first foreign musician to be invited to the Arts Alive Festival and to play in various townships of South Africa before the end of apartheid, an experience which deeply influenced and inspired him.
In the past PILI-PILI cooperated with musicians from various African countries, such as Mali, Kongo, Senegal and Guinea. In 2000 for the first time VAN'T HOF realized a project with South African musicians – with the young Zulu choir Phikelela SAKHULA from the city of Durban.

After touring regularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, PILI-PILI, led by keyboarder JASPER VAN'T HOF, for the first time in 1999 they were invited to do a concert tour in Spain. For ten years PILI-PILI has spent the cold, central European winter, spreading energy and esprit with their funky mixture of jazz, African rhythms and South American charm in highly acclaimed concerts. The internationally renowned members of the band include: the Dutch keyboard dervish JASPER VAN'T HOF with that bundle of Carribean energy, singer Izaline Calister, the well-known trombone player Annie Whitehead of London (Prince, Joan Armatrading, Elvis Costello, James Blood Ulmer etc.), the Hungarian saxophone virtuoso Tony Lakatos, funk bassist Frank Itt (Terence Trent D'Arby, voted 2nd best bassist in Germany 1997), the African percussionist Dra Diarra and Marlon Klein (Dissidenten) on the drums. JASPER VAN'T HOF: "With such a cast of stars, we can be sure of some more of those extra-class concerts ...which with regard to fire and bite do the band's name complete justice (Pili-Pili is an African word for chilli pepper)".

The variety of stuff sold as dance jazz these days is mind-boggling! Most of it is pretty lukewarm: neither jazz nor dancable. For PILI-PILI both have been part of the concept from the very beginning: a high standard of jazz, raw, personal, stubborn, always inspired by rhythm and groove and - fantastic for dancing - DANCE JAZZ LIVE.

10-10-2009 - Börse Wuppertal - Germany

a single concert only!

Geplant war es nicht (vielleicht lässt sich so etwas auch nicht planen) und so stand am Anfang nur die Musik, nicht einmal die Idee, einen derartigen Erfolg zu landen. Der holländische Pianist und Keyboarder Jasper van´t Hof, ein in ganz Europa anerkannter, erfolgreicher und Experimenten nie abgeneigter Jazzmusiker, spielte in London mit der Isaac Tagul Group aus Nigeria so wunderbare Studio-Sessions, dass Warner Brothers Deutschland das Material sofort veröffentlichen wollte, unter anderem ein 15minütiges tranceartiges Stück, das nach einem atemberaubenden Gewürz getauft wurde und später dem Weltmusik-Projekt den Namen gab: PILI-PILI.
Der Titel wurde ein Diskotheken-Abräumer, der den Nerv der Zeit traf und so ganz nebenbei am Anfang des Ethno-Pop-Jazz-Trends stand.
Jasper van't Hof stellte eine Band zusammen und schrieb Stücke für das Projekt, das dann unter dem Bandnamen PILI-PILI 1985 erstmalig auf Tour ging.
Bei PILI-PILI wurden zum ersten Mal die komplexen traditionellen Rhythmen Afrikas mit Gesang, Jazz- und Fusion-Elementen zu einer hitzigen, zugleich höchst tanzbaren Melange verdampft.
In 20 Jahren PILI-PILI sah und hörte man Musiker und Musikerinnen wie Angelique Kidjo, Nicolas Fiszman, Manfred Schoof, Amancio Batta, Ponda 0´Brian, Philippe Allaert, Annie Whitehead, Marlon Klein, Tony Lakatos, Frank Itt, Izaline Calister, Dra Diarra, Mabinthy Sakho.

2004 feierte die Band ihr 20jähriges Jubiläum und verabschiedete sich mit einer großen Jubiläumstour mit 17 Musikern auf der Bühne. Nach 5 Jahren juckt es den Musikern nun wieder in den Fingern und auf Bitten der börse gibt PILI PILI ihr erstes und einziges Konzert seit 2004 in Wuppertal.
Es wird für alle Beteiligten ein besonderes Erlebnis und die Musiker haben sich vorgenommen, ein BEST OF PILI PILI Programm zu spielen.
Die Vorfreude ist riesig!

Mabinthi Sakho - Vocal (guinee)
Fina - Vocal (guinee)
Dra Diarra - Afr. Perc (mali)
Nicolas Fitzman - Bass (belgium)
Marlon Klein - Drum (germany)
Annie Whitehead - Trombone (u.k.)
Jasper Van't Hof - Keyboards (netherlands)


Video Jasper van 't Hof & Pili Pili

Die Börse, Wuppertal



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